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Please note that to apply for NPQH you must have successfully completed your NPQH gateway assessment. Your unique reference number will have been supplied in the letter received when informed of your succesful completion of the gateway assessment. If you are unable to locate your reference number, this can be obtained from the National College helpdesk on 0345 609 0009.

Your teacher reference number can be found on your QTS certificate, your school personnel database or alternatively you can contact CAPITA on 0845 606 6166

If you work some distance from your home, you may wish to provide your home postcode so that your face-to-face training sessions can be delivered at a nearer or more convenient location for you.

School Details - Calculating Scholarship Entitlement

If you are unsure of your school details then you can find them on the DfE's educational establishment database found via the following link: http://www.education.gov.uk/edubase/home.xhtml

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If you have already undertaken a leadership development programme with the National College, or completed a Master's or other type of postgraduate qualification, you may be eligible for exemption from one or both of the elective modules and a reduction of up to £100 from the course fee.

If you have identified a qualification that would entitle you to an exemption then please indicate below whether you wish to claim this.*

To process the exemption we will require a scanned copy of your certificate. This can be emailed to info@leadingschoolsalliance.org or faxed to 0117 929 7163.

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