Bespoke English, Maths and Science support


Through the expertise of the Specialist leaders in Education, they will work to ensure that CPD is relevant and has impact; building continuous improvement in attainment and achievement.

We can support departments through: systems and processes that focus on students making increased rates of progress; supporting and developing current and emerging middle and senior leaders; helping individual teachers and departments to enhance their practice and efficacy and supporting performance against national benchmarks.

The provision includes:

  • Termly meetings in each of the 3 areas
  • Half day core subject leader meetings
  • School based bespoke support for subjects and whole school improvement
  • School based training for departments and teams

Who is it for?    

Subject Leaders/Faculty Leaders/Line Managers

Dates:     Various
Venue:    Host school
For more information and charges:    Contact the Director of Teaching School: director@sjptsa.com