Departmental/Thematic Review


A bespoke thematic or subject review planned and delivered in collaboration with senior staff.The review will be conducted in collaboration with key leaders and includes:

  • an initial meeting to plan the scope and programme the review
  • Joint observations with subject leaders/SLT
  • Scrutiny of policies, self evaluation processes and planning
  • Scrutiny of students work
  • Interviews with key staff, governors and students
  • Analysis of data

Three of the reviews are accredited Additional Inspectors on behalf of Ofsted

Who is it for?    

Middle/senior leaders who are wanting to inform development plans and to assess current performance and gain clear recommendations for further improvement.


Dates:        n/a
Duration: 1 day
Venue:       Host school
Cost:           £500 per Reviewer per day
For more information:    Contact Director of Teaching School: director@sjptsa.com