NQT Accountable Body

Who is it for?

Teachers who have just gained Qualified Teacher Status and are in their first year of teaching.


Teaching School Status has given approval for SJP Teaching School Alliance to be a recognised Appropriate Body for NQT Induction.

The appointment of an appropriate body (AB) is a statutory requirement for the induction period of Newly Qualified Teachers and an NQT cannot start their induction until their AB has been agreed. As an AB, SJPTSA will undertake the necessary verification and administrative processes on your behalf. This includes:

  • Registering the NQT with ourselves and the NCTL
  • Maintaining records and assessment reports

Making the final decision as to whether or not the NQT’s performance against the Teaching Standards is satisfactory, drawing on the recommendations of the Headteacher/Principal

  • Notifying the NCTL of the decision
  • Providing a named contact for guidance

In addition to SJPTSA’s role acting as an AB to undertake the verification of NQT induction assessments we are offering a full range of NQT support services. They include:

  • A full day NQT conference
  • 12 training sessions which will allow for opportunities to network
  • New NQT Induction Training and Mentor Handbook and support
  • Opportunities to observe practice in outstanding settings

Duration:  12 twilight sessions
Venue:        SJP and various