• School leaders and governors have developed an exceptionally positive and productive partnership with a high achieving teaching school. This has led to a recent and rapid improvement in teaching which has begun to improve students' progress. (Ofsted, April 2015)


  • The partnership working between academy leaders and leaders from the teaching school is providing expertise, support and training for the academy's teachers and middle leaders to bring about a rapid improvement in the quality of teaching. Teachers speak highly of the quality of the training and the positive impact it is having on their teaching. (Ofsted, April 2015)


  • The school's external partners are working extremely effectively together to raise standards and increase progress with increasing impact. (Ofsted, April 2015)

  • A National Leader of Governance has increased the support and challenge for school leaders. (Ofsted, April 2015)


  • The school's measures of progress are now more accurate and are regularly checked by the partner school. Measures indicate students in Year 11 are currently achieving higher standards than their peers achieved in 2014 in English and mathematics. (Ofsted, April 2015)


  • "The Strategic School Improvement Partner commenced support with the academy on 1 September 2014; already there has been impact. Data, monitoring and tracking systems have been re-focused and tightened. Systems for scrutinising performance have been improved and strengthened. Plans are being implemented to strengthen the role of middle leaders by increasing their accountability and impact on the management of their areas of responsibility. Work is ongoing to embed and strengthen systems that ensure robust analysis of performance informs the ways and means to secure rapid improvement. "(HMI Ofsted 2014)

  • "The Strategic School Improvement Partner is now starting to focus on classroom practice and improvement in those subject areas that are underperforming or where student progress is not accelerating at a sufficient pace. Many staff commented that they welcomed the new approaches and emphasis on teaching, learning and professional development."(HMI Ofsted 2014)

  • "The Strategic School Improvement Partner is offering strong support and a clear agenda for improvement in promoting more effective quality assurance systems and in tackling underperformance in academy provision. The sponsor has strengthened its own team to support the academy in recognition that changes are required within a more urgent time frame. "(HMI Ofsted 2014)


  • The academy has formed a partnership with Saint John Plessington Catholic College, an outstanding teaching academy that is an affiliate of UCAT. Evidence presented by the academy demonstrates this partnership is bringing about improvements in leadership, learning and the quality of teaching by providing coaching for leaders and teachers and opportunities for them to see and learn from outstanding practice. (Section 8 Ofsted 2014)


  • The partnership with SJP is bringing about rapid improvements in leadership, learning and the quality of teaching by providing coaching for leaders and teachers and opportunities for them to see and learn from outstanding practice.” (Section 5 Ofsted 2013)

  • “SJP has had an enormous influence on the improvements taking place at the school I asked them to support. The leaders returned completely re-energised and have drawn on their learning from the visit to make changes that will have a significant impact on the quality of students’ learning. More importantly, the lack of ambition and aspiration has now gone. Seeing SJP students and what they can achieve regardless of their backgrounds or starting points has clearly been a revelation to colleagues at other schools.” (HMI Ofsted 2012)


  • The school’s `Monitoring for Achievement’ policy and `Improving Teaching’ programmes have also stimulated better teaching and helped to improve students’ achievement. (Section 5 Ofsted 2012)