SJP is the lead organisation of Leading Schools Alliance (LSA) which is licensed by the National College to deliver the National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH), National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership (NPQSL) and the National Professional Qualification for Middle leadership (NPQML) throughout the North West region. Our Alliance brings together Ofsted-rated outstanding schools and teaching schools in all phases 


The Leadin Alliance brings together partners who have a very successful record of delivery of programmes supporting succession planning and leadership development. As well as our 20 National Leaders of Education (NLE), 26 Local Leaders of Education (LLE) and 6 Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE), the Alliance draws together some of the best examples of leadership in a faith school.


This Alliance offers additional opportunities for leadership learning to prospective leaders of faith schools. The Alliance has been instrumental in contextualising the leadership curriculum for faith schools. Of course, we welcome all leaders from all schools regardless of phase or designation.


The Alliance is committed to addressing the issues of gender and equality at a practical level, our only discriminating factor is that all schools involved demonstrate a culture of continuous improvement through the growth of outstanding leaders.

We cover all types of educational provision - primary, secondary, special, sixth form, faith, non-faith, selective, comprehensive, and independent schools.

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NPQML is aimed at Middle leaders with responsibility for leading a team, including key stage/subject/curriculum leaders, heads of department and pastoral leaders.

NPQSL is aimed at Senior leaders with cross-school responsibilities, including experienced middle leaders, deputy heads, special educational needs co-ordinators (SENCOs) and advanced skills teachers, and other senior staff looking for further professional development but not aspiring to headship at this stage in their career.

The National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) is the first choice qualification for anyone aspiring to be a Headteacher.

New National College Leadership Curriculum

The National College are driving forward a modular approach to learning that gives you more flexibility and an opportunity to study at your own pace. The curriculum activities are designed to stimulate and challenge your thinking, promote change and improvement in your leadership behaviours and capabilities. You will have the opportunity to access high quality learning resources, discuss and debate with peers and put theory into practice!

These new qualifications enable you to gain national recognition for your professional and leadership achievements. Assessment is based on the tasks linked to school improvement that you have undertaken in the workplace, enabling you to plan a development pathway that is directly related to both your school and personal needs.

NPQML (Level 1)

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  • Team and department focus
  • Mainly operational with some strategic
  • Narrow focus for examples, models and case studies
  • Relatively prescriptive activities
  • Emphasis on implications for self and team in the context of the school
  • Accountability in terms of personal and team performance

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NPQH (Level 3)

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  • We are not currently offering NPQH courses








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NPQSL (Level 2)

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  • School wide focus – aspect or section of the school
  • Operational and strategic
  • School wide focus with examples beyond school
  • Both prescription and choice in activities
  • Emphasis on implications for self and school
  • Accountability in terms of personal and school performance


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An overview of the leadership curriculum is provided below. The Alliance is currently working with the Catholic Education Service and the National Society to contextualise the leadership curriculum so as to meet the needs of those working in a faith school.