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Heather Garland - Pedagogy Science

As a leader in a Science department, Heather has created a climate which enables colleagues to develop and maintain positive attitudes towards the subject and confidence in teaching it through her work on training staff in pedagogical techniques, developing schemes of work, assessments and pupil progress tracking systems. She uses data effectively and develops the skills in others to identify pupils who were underachieving. This includes creating and implementing effective intervention strategies to support pupils and being able to implement these changes swiftly, even though it may challenge previous ways of working. This experience has been invaluable in supporting other schools. Heather has also worked with a cluster of feeder primary schools on developing a science “Bridging” unit to support pupils in the transition from Key stage 2 to Key stage 3. This has involved collaboration with primary specialists.

Vikki Harris - Physical Education & BTEC

Vikki has significant experience in BTEC and its whole school implementation. She has successfully embedded robust monitoring and tracking systems, across BTEC programmes, in order to increase attainment at KS4 and KS5. Vikki has supported Heads of Department to ensure consistent systems and to quality assure verification processes. Vikki has been successful in developing the curriculum, monitoring and assessment processes and Teaching and Learning, within PE, to ensure consistency across all Key Stages.

Alison Lock - Sixth Form Pastoral Structures & Systems

Alison has a wealth of experience having developed and implemented new, effective curriculum and pastoral systems, which includes detailed methods of reporting at Sixth Form level and has led workshops for staff on how to structure and implement them effectively. She has trained pastoral teams to work effectively with Years 12 and 13, utilising all opportunities for enrichment and community service through a structured programme, to maximise potential and ensure smooth progression into post 18 education or employment. Alison’s expertise lies in the joining up of these curriculum and pastoral monitoring systems, utilising knowledge of the student, ensuring seamless communication takes place to provide the best care, guidance and support during this phase of their education. This has led to a significant rise in the attainment of students, which has in turn increased the opportunities available post 18. Her experience includes training staff in the UCAS process, including the monitoring of realistic, yet aspirational university choices, as well as effective personal statement and reference writing. Working with a variety of teams through school-to-school support, she has been able to inspire colleagues to adopt examples of good practice for tailoring curriculum and pastoral systems to suit their school’s needs and facilitate whole school improvement at Sixth Form.

Ann-Marie McGagh - Mathematics

Ann-Marie’s areas of expertise include Maths transitions from KS2 – KS3, and from KS3 – KS4, and providing Maths Enrichment and Numeracy across the Curriculum. Ann-Marie also has expertise in Academic year structure, including Learning Programme model and assessment structure. She is also involved in Staff and Teaching evaluations including ‘What does an outstanding Maths lesson look like?’ as well as implementing engaging activities across the classroom. Ann-Marie also has expertise in data monitoring and in SOWs and Resources. As a result of Ann-Marie’s approach to teaching numeracy it has led to securing the TES Numeracy and Mathematics Award for 2013, as well as a significant raise in the attainment of students, leading to improved Mathematic GCSE results. Ann-Marie’s work has also extended into the primary sector, which has allowed her to share ideas in order to inspire the junior school children, and to enhance pupil enjoyment for mathematics.

Peadar McLoughlin - Attendance Behaviour & Safety

Peadar has worked for many years developing strategies to improve attendance and behaviour. Peadar has successfully introduced a new rewards policy and system (Vivo) which has been embedded throughout the school. He has worked with other pastoral teams from many schools to showcase systems used within SJP to improve attainment and attendance, ensuring that all students feel safe. Peadar has experience in the joining up of curriculum and pastoral monitoring systems, utilising knowledge of the student, ensuring seamless communication takes place to provide the best care, guidance and support to help ensure all students achieve their full potential.