In this area you will find information about current projects, opportunities and accreditation through our links with other Teaching Schools who are our strategic partners, the University of Chester and other HEI providers.

Our aim is to build a collaborative network of enquiry across the Alliance, with an emphasis on improving and enhancing practice in an open and trusting environment. At the centre of all this is the key concept of ‘research and development’ and how it can make a positive impact on student learning. There is no improvement without change, but not all change is improvement. It therefore becomes crucial to know what needs to be improved, what to do to make things improve and to measure the success of the strategies we try out. Put simply, we implement, innovate and then measure impact: innovation and experimentation, rooted in good research methodology.

By bringing together the great practice and expertise that exist in our Alliance, we aim to support collaborative projects and celebrate our findings in conferences and staff events. Our links with Cambridge provide natural pathways into accreditation for small scale research projects to Masters level and beyond, as well as the resources and expertise in research and development.

So who can benefit from this collaborative network? You might be:

  • A teacher at any career stage interested in exploring their own practice, in collaboration with colleagues from other schools
  • A member of staff looking to measure innovation in a structured way
  • A school looking to explore what works best in areas as diverse as transition, leadership, AfL and pupil motivation
  • A school or individual seeking guidance on research methods to suit a particular project
  • A teacher interested in undertaking a Masters in Education
  • A teacher or school wishing to lead an innovative, cross-school project or share great practice.

If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact us.