Recently Qualified Teacher

Who is it for?

Teachers who have completed their NQT year and are in their second or third year of teaching

Course Overview

The programme provides an excellent opportunity for RQTs to meet together on a regular basis to share examples of their own practice and learn from one another.

The objectives of this course are to add a layer of support for recently quali ed teachers; develop teaching and learning towards outstanding for RQTs and to support RQTs in maximising the impact of their lessons.

Dates: Various

Duration: 13 twilight sessions:  

  • Effective Time Management
  • Understanding the Learning Process
  • New Learning on Differentiation
  • Sharing Good Practice -  Differentiation
  • Using iRIS in the classroom
  • Planning for Progress - Medium and Long Term Planning
  • Developing Success Criteria and extending the understanding of Assessment
  • Using collaborative Learning Structures
  • Bring and Brag - Effective Questioning 
  • Using mentoring and coaching as a tool to improve your professional development
  • Becoming a Reflective Practitioner
  • Career next steps 
  • 13th Session

 Venue: SJP