SLE Commissioning: Process Diagram

Request for S2S Support is made to SJP.
This could come for example from LA/Diocese/ School/ NCTL/DfE/Teaching School

Request goes to SLT i/c School to School Support

S2S Lead contacts school and brokers work. Needs are confirmed, and costs presented. SLEs/others identified and Heads asked. First meeting arranged and Lead SLT named. This takes account of: school phase/school context/location & geography/specific experience/working style & approach

SLEs go to meet Head/ for initial discussion with appropriate senior staff from SJP. Meeting to cover: focus of work, expectations for outcomes, funding, length of deployment, frequency.

All parties sign up to a contracting agreement (including action plan), reflecting the agreed terms for the deployment

Deployment begins, SLE completes short summary of action each visit. Time sheets submitted to SLE’s School, and that school sends monthly invoice to supported school.

Mid-term review. Considers is it working? Is it appropriate? Any changes? Next steps. Consider if support is continuing. Final timescale and exit strategy agreed.

Final written review and impact evaluation written by Head of supported school. Sent to SLE’s Head.