Teacher Subject Specialism Training

This fully funded training has been designed to increase the number of teachers of secondary mathematics, physics and MFL and is open to anyone currently teaching who is keen to develop their skills as a potential teacher of these subjects or for colleagues who are currently teaching them at Key Stage 3 or 4 outside their subject specialism.

We are offering Teacher Subject Specialism Training (TSST) for Secondary Maths, Physics, French, Spanish and Mandarin. 

TSST is specifically for:

  • non-specialist teachers who could potentially teach mathematics, physics or MFL in addition to, or as their main subject
  • non-specialist teachers who are currently teaching mathematics, physics or MFL (either full-time or in addition to their specialist subject)
  • teachers who are looking to return to the profession

In addition to non-specialists and returning teachers, TSST MFL is also for:

  • specialist MFL teachers who are not currently teaching MFL and who need refresher training to enable a move back to an MFL role
  • specialist MFL teachers who have the capacity to teach a second language in addition to their language specialism
  • overseas trained teachers who are resident and eligible to work in England

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