Who is it for?

Senior Leaders/Middle Leaders (HOD/KS coordinators)/ Pastoral leaders


This course will show the importance of the strategic team approach to additional intervention with a focus on English and Maths. The SJP ‘Totem Pole’ process for KS4 will be demonstrated which focuses on intrinsic identification of cohorts for intervention based on accurate current cumulative grades taken at regular intervals.

The importance of the roles of the HOD (Maths and English) and Year Leaders in this process will be clearly demonstrated. The SJP KS3 English and Maths Additional Intervention model will also be demonstrated showing how early intervention can impact on improved outcomes for pupils.

Schools may wish SJP to run a ‘Totem Pole’ using the individual school’s live data. This can be arranged.
Date:         to be confirmed

Duration:   1 day
Venue:         SJP