Each review is planned in consultation with the Head Teacher and includes members of the school’s leadership team. It is not a pseudo-Ofsted inspection but is conducted in a spirit of partnership and collaboration with the rigour of Ofsted.

A peer review of the quality of provision includes analysis of data; learning walks; interviews and work samples. Student voice is an integral part of the process. The timing is flexible to suit the school and includes a written report and recommendations. The peer aspect of the review provides invaluable CPD opportunities.Three of the Reviewers are accredited Additional Inspectors on behalf of Ofsted.

What will it achieve?    
The Review will build the capacity of senior and middle leaders to accurately judge the quality of provision.The key output of the review is a report which covers six areas. The first four provide a review of where the school appears to be positioned relative to its most recent Ofsted inspection, while the final two focus more on the school’s contribution to, and participation in, the Partnership.

  1. Context of the School: Taken from the most recent Ofsted report

  2. Pupil Performance: Data analysis and judgements on attainment and progress based on Ofsted criteria

  3. Quality of Teaching: Narrative of strengths and weaknesses (including evidence from observations and pupils’ work) and judgements on the quality of teaching based on Ofsted criteria

  4. School Improvement Strategies: Narrative of the school to self-assess and continue to improve, as indicated by the Self Evaluation Form (SEF) and School Improvement Plan (SIP)

  5. Quality of Area of Outstanding Practice: Narrative of strengths and aspects of exemplary practice. The key skill areas will be chosen from the National College’s directory of expertise

  6. Engagement with Challenge Partners: In the first year, this will be a description of the likely impact on the Partnership, thereafter a description of the types of activities and their impact on school improvement. 

Dates:        n/a
Duration:  2 days
Venue:       Host school
Cost:           £500 per Reviewer per day
For more information:    Contact Director of Teaching School: director@sjptsa.com